Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands made in Ireland

High quality Wedding Bands with love . Beautiful Irish rings featuring popular and unique Irish symbols, of course including the iconic claddagh. Find the perfect ring for your special day with the luck of an Irish ring to guide the two of you through life together. Crafted with fine Sterling Silver, Gold or White Gold and also with diamond as well as emerald options you are sure to find the right one here. Make the moment special with a precious piece of be treasured always. Free Worldwide Shipping on all Orders Direct from The Skellig Gift Store on the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland.

115 products found in Wedding Bands

Solvar Silver Oxidised Gents Trinity Knot Ring s21012
  • 120,00€
Solvar Silver Ladies Claddagh Ring s2829
  • 62,50€
Women's Silver Celtic Knot Band SD12
  • 120,00€
Solvar History of Ireland Sterling Silver Ring *Best Seller*
  • 120,00€
Solvar 9k Gold Emerald Trinity Ring S2630
  • 481,00€
Mens Silver Celtic Ring Band SD1
  • 239,00€
Mens Silver Trinity Knot Wedding Band Ring SD11
  • 149,00€
Solvar Silver Gents Oxidised Celtic Knot Signet Ring s21123
  • 71,95€
Ladies Celtic Warrior Ring Sterling Silver wed23c
  • From 102,00€
Shanore 14K White Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring br6w
  • 1.327,00€
Ladies 14k White Gold Diamond Celtic Claddagh Band 14IC1W
  • 1.262,00€
White Gold 14k Celtic Diamond Eternity Ring Band 14IC8W
  • 954,00€
Solvar Gents Silver Celtic Knot Ring S21048
  • 144,00€
Solvar Gents Celtic Silver Band s21073
  • 129,00€
Solvar 10K Gold & Silver Celtic Knot Ring - Unisex
  • From 145,00€
Solvar 18K White Gold Diamond Wedding Band S2638
  • 956,00€
Shanore Claddagh 14k Diamond Matching Wedding ring 14l69
  • 840,00€
Shanore Claddagh Diamond Matching Wedding ring 14l69w
  • 840,00€
Men's White Gold Diamond Claddagh Wedding Band 14ic4w
  • 1.875,00€
Gents Claddagh Celtic Wedding Ring 14IC11
  • 2.082,00€
Celtic Two Tone Diamond Wedding Ring 14ic53yw
  • 1.109,00€
Celtic Trinity Knot Two Tone 14K Gold Gents Wedding Ring br7wy
  • 1.833,00€
House Of Lor Celtic Shield Band h20049
  • 165,00€
Womens Silver Celtic knot Wedding Band Ring SD10
  • 120,00€
Gold 14k Celtic Diamond Ring 14IC8
  • 954,00€
Solvar 10k Gold Emerald Trinity Ring S2631
  • 470,00€
Solvar Gents Sterling Silver Trinity Band s2996
  • 79,00€
Solvar Silver & 10K Gold Ladies Diamond Band S2932
  • 240,00€
Wide Gents Warrior Shield Wedding Ring - Boru wed34
  • From 150,00€
Wide Promise Ring – Boru br31w 7.2mm
  • From 222,00€
Tree of Life Ring - Boru br34 7.2mm
  • From 222,00€
Gold 14k Ladies Celtic Warrior Band - Boru wed24c
  • 985,00€
Ladies Celtic Warrior Band Sterling Silver wed24c
  • 88,00€
Gold 10k Ladies Celtic Warrior Ring - wed23c
  • 419,00€
Ladies Celtic Warrior Ring 10k White Gold wed23c
  • 419,00€
Sterling Silver Gents Warrior Shield Wedding Ring wed33-c
  • 96,00€
Solvar Gold Diamond Emerald Claddagh Ring s2374
  • 788,00€
A perfect pair! Our matching his & her Trinity knot bands
  • From 395,00€
Solvar 18K Diamond Wedding Band S2637
  • 995,00€
Solvar 14K White Gold Diamond Trinity Band S2720
  • 1.178,00€
White Gold Celtic Diamond Wedding Band 14ws6w2d
  • 758,00€
Shanore White Gold Claddagh Band BR4W
  • 892,00€
Shanore Trinity Knot Gold Wedding Ring br3
  • 892,00€
Shanore Gold Diamond Trinity Band 14IC44
  • 881,00€
Shanore Gold Claddagh Wedding Band BR4
  • 892,00€
Shanore Claddagh Wedding Band Ladies Diamonds Set with Celtic Knotwork 14IC13
  • 1.875,00€
Ladies Celtic Diamond Wedding Ring Comfort fit 14ic17w
  • 1.833,00€
Ladies Celtic Diamond Wedding Ring 14IC53W
  • 1.109,00€