How Can I care for my Knitwear?

How to handwash your wool sweater

When washing your knitwear & wool sweaters, it’s important to handwash them, never machine wash as it can cause shrinkage. Lukewarm water is most suitable for wool as very hot or cold water may cause them to shrink.

Only use a small amount of detergent, too much can be difficult to rinse from your knitwear & wool sweaters, which may leave them coarse. Try to wash one at a time to avoid any colour mixing.

Top Tip: You should never wring or scrub your wool knitwear as this can cause pilling and stretching.

Drying your knitwear

The most important guideline to follow when it comes to drying your knitwear & wool sweaters is to never put it in a tumble dryer, as this will cause it to shrink. Dry it flat across a clothes rail or on a towel. It’s important not to hang your knitwear & wool sweaters to dry as this will cause stretching.

Top Tip: If your knitwear needs to be reshaped, do this while it is still damp.

Storing your knitwear

The best way to store your knitwear & wool sweaters is to fold them. When storing sweaters it is best not to hang them as it will cause the shoulders of a sweater to stretch and the weight will stretch the body length. If you are storing your knitwear for the summer, we recommend putting them in breathable bags to avoid any mildew.

Top Tip: If you are storing your knitwear away for the summer, put a sachet of lavender in with them, this will keep any little bugs away!