Celtic Bracelets

Celtic Bracelets & Bangles inspired by the rich history and traditions of Ireland. Show off your Irish heritage by encircling your wrist with a beautifully designed and crafted Irish bracelet. Why not indulge in a classic Waterford Crystal bracelet or take a step back in time and purchase the famous Newbridge Grace Kelly pearl bracelet. A bracelet is a piece of jewelry you can wear every day and you’ll find a wonderful selection of beautifully crafted Irish bracelets here at The Skellig Gift Store. From traditional Celtic Knot bracelets to bangles and delicate pearl bracelets, there is something to suit every style and taste. You’ll find wonderful pieces of Irish craftsmanship from well-known Irish brands such as Newbridge Silver, Grange and Connemara Marble. Crafted in silver, gold and white gold. Worldwide Shipping Direct from our store.

180 products found in Celtic Bracelets

Gents Steel Brown Leather Bracelet
  • 54,95€
Mens Wide Celtic Leather Bracelet
  • 54,95€
Solvar Mens Celtic Leather Bracelet
  • 49,95€
Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Leather Bracelet
  • 269,95€
Silver Celtic Knot Leather Bracelet
  • 269,95€
Silver Trinity Knot Draw String Bangle
  • 189,95€
Celtic Claddagh Draw String Bangle
  • 165,00€
Silver Trinity Knot Draw String Bracelet
  • 109,95€
Silver Celtic Tree Of Life Bracelet
  • 109,95€
History of Ireland Sterling Silver Kids Expanding Bangle
  • 185,00€
History of Ireland Silver Charm Bracelet
  • 315,00€


Irish Lace Gold Plated Claddagh Silver Bracelet
  • 139,95€
  • 109,95€
Irish Lace Silver Heart Trinity Knot Bracelet
  • 110,00€
Irish Lace Silver Celtic Knot Bracelet
  • 110,00€
Silver Trinity Knot Stone Set Bracelet sb2218
  • 140,00€
Silver Celtic Swarovski Crystal Sapphire Bracelet
  • 139,95€
Silver Celtic Swarovski Crystal Green Bracelet
  • 139,95€


Irish Lace Rose Gold Celtic Knot Silver Bracelet
  • 124,95€
  • 99,95€
Celtic Trinity Knot Bracelet Silver
  • 149,95€
Solvar Connemara Marble Trinity Knot Bracelet
  • 79,95€
Solvar Gold Plated Enamel Shamrock & Claddagh Bracelet S5153
  • 54,95€
Solvar Gold Plated Marble Celtic Knot Bracelet s50091g
  • 76,95€
Solvar Gold Plated Marble Trinity Knots Linked Bracelet
  • 79,95€
Solvar Rhodium Marble Claddagh Bracelet S50092/R
  • 59,95€
Solvar Rhodium Plated Enamel Claddagh & Shamrock Bracelet S5514
  • 59,95€
Silver Claddagh Stone Set Bracelet
  • 129,95€
Silver Celtic Stone Set Trinity Bracelet
  • 169,95€
Celtic Style Trinity Knot Bracelet
  • 140,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver & 10K Gold Claddagh Bracelet
  • 319,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver 10K Gold & Diamond Claddagh Bracelet S5729
  • 406,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Connemara Marble Marcasite Bracelet
  • 199,95€
Sterling Silver Claddagh Link Irish Bracelet s5372
  • 125,00€
Silver History Of Ireland Six Link Bracelet
  • 285,00€
Sterling Silver Children of Lir Bracelet
  • 139,95€
Waterford Crystal Sterling Silver Star Bracelet
  • 149,00€
14K Gold Diamond Claddagh Circle Bracelet
  • 599,95€
Warrior Oval Plain Celtic Bracelet WB7
  • From 276,00€
Warrior Small Celtic Disc Bracelet with 18K Gold Beads - Boru WB1B
  • 414,00€
Warrior Silver Swiss Blue Celtic Link Bracelet WB1T
  • 327,60€
Warrior Celtic Bracelet Silver with 18K Gold Beads - Boru WB7B
  • 414,00€
Warrior Celtic Disc Bracelet with 18K Gold Beads - Boru WB2B
  • 435,60€
Emerald Celtic Warrior Bracelet with Clear CZ Stones
  • 349,95€
Kite Shaped Celtic Warrior Bracelet with 18K Gold Bead
  • 349,95€
Solvar Gents Sterling Silver Ingot Style Cuff Bangle S50080
  • 262,50€
Men's 10K Gold & Silver Heavy Celtic Knot Bangle
  • 1.499,95€
Men's Silver Heavy Trinity Knot Bracelet
  • 336,00€
Sterling Silver Torc Bangle
  • 179,95€
Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Front Bangle
  • 187,00€