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Men's Celtic Jewellery

Skellig Gift Store has a massive range of Men's Celtic Jewellery. Including pendants, bracelets, rings and cufflinks. All designed with Celtic symbols including trinity, Shamrock, Tree of Life and much much more. All our Men's Celtic Jewellery is made in Ireland and Hallmarked in Dublin Castle.

120 products found in Men's Jewellery

Solvar Gents Celtic Gold Silver Band s21075
  • 571,00€
Solvar Gents Silver Celtic Knot Ring S21048
  • 144,00€
Solvar Irish Made Gents Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring S2218
  • 47,95€
Solvar Gents Sterling Silver Trinity Band s2996
  • 79,00€
Solvar Gents Silver & Gold Trinity Knot Ring s21010
  • 571,00€
Solvar Gents Silver & Gold Claddagh Ring s21008
  • 571,00€
Solvar Silver Oxidised Gents Trinity Knot Ring s21012
  • 120,00€
Solvar History of Ireland Sterling Silver Ring *Best Seller*
  • 120,00€
Solvar Silver Gents Oxidised Celtic Knot Signet Ring s21123
  • 71,95€
Mens Silver Celtic Ring Band SD1
  • 239,00€
Mens Silver Trinity Knot Wedding Band Ring SD11
  • 149,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Gents Claddagh Ring s2272
  • 62,95€
Customised Personal Name in Ogham Pendant Boru OP-05-ox
  • From 300,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Oxidised Celtic Cross Pendant S46456
  • 177,50€
Solvar Sterling Silver Oxidised Celtic Ingot Pendant S46454
  • 177,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Oxidised Celtic Cross Pendant S46613
  • 216,00€
Solvar Gents Silver & 10K Gold Oxidised Celtic Claddagh Pendant S46453
  • 321,00€
Solvar Silver & 10K Gold Oxidised Celtic Cross Pendant S46457
  • From 319,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Oxidised Celtic Shamrock Pendant S46451
  • 206,00€
Solvar Gents Celtic Silver Oxidised Claddagh Pendant S46452
  • 177,00€
Sterling Silver History of Ireland Cufflinks s6502
  • 210,00€
Solvar Large Silver Trinity Knot Cufflinks S6434
  • 144,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Ingot Cuff Links S6523
  • 240,00€
Solvar 10K Gold Silver Oxidised Celtic Ingot Pendant S46455
  • 575,00€
Solvar Mens Silver Trinity Knot Leather Bracelet S50040
  • 240,00€
Solvar Gents Steel Black Leather Bracelet S5830
  • 49,95€
Solvar Mens Celtic Leather Bracelet S50056
  • 49,95€
Solvar Gents Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Torc Cuff Bangle s5959
  • 466,00€
Silver I Love You Bangle
  • 225,00€
Solvar Silver Celtic Knot Leather Bracelet s50041
  • 254,00€
Mo Anam Cara Torc Large Heavy Bangle
  • 249,00€
Solvar Gents Steel Brown Leather Bracelet S5778
  • 49,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Heavy Trinity Knot Bracelet S50038
  • 336,00€
Solvar Gents Sterling Silver Ingot Style Cuff Bangle S50080
  • 262,50€
Solvar Sterling Silver Gold Celtic Knot Torc Cuff Bangle s50014
  • 1.586,00€
Solvar Gents Celtic Silver Band s21073
  • 129,00€
Solvar Gents Sterling Silver Oxidised Claddagh Ring S2828
  • 91,00€
Large Celtic Warrior Silver Cross - Boru wc4
  • 226,80€
Solvar Gold Plated Celtic Knot Cufflinks S6429
  • 34,95€
Solvar 14K Gents Claddagh Ring s2233
  • 599,00€
Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Cufflinks S6433
  • 115,00€
Solvar Gold Plated Claddagh Cufflinks s6412
  • 34,95€
Solvar 10K Gold Gents Claddagh Ring S2529
  • 495,00€
Boru Extra Heavy Large Gents Claddagh Ring clad27
  • From 142,80€
Wide Promise Ring – Boru br31w 7.2mm
  • From 222,00€
Tree of Life Ring - Boru br34 7.2mm
  • From 222,00€
Sterling Silver Gents Warrior Shield Wedding Ring wed33-c
  • 96,00€
Sterling Silver Solid Trinity Knot Ring
  • 120,00€