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Browse through this huge selection of fine Irish Celtic Jewelry, where we offer only the best quality and unique gifts. Shop our stunning collections of earrings, bracelets, rings and watches and pick out your personal favorite. Choose from our wide range of high quality, famous Irish brands, including Waterford Crystal, Solvar and Connemara Marble. Featuring the classic Irish cross, the much loved Claddagh, the timeless Trinity knot and the Irish Tree of Life, you're sure to find a memorable gift for her in our range of Celtic jewelry. Whatever the occasion, send a precious piece of Ireland to be treasured always. The perfect Irish gift for yourself or a loved one. Free Worldwide Shipping on all Orders Direct from our store on the Wild Atlantic Way. Want to know more? Check out out blog to learn the history of Ireland's Cladagh Ring or Birthstones and let us know what you think.

1973 products found in Celtic Jewelry

Solvar Rhodium Plated Enamel Shamrock Pendant S4879
  • 19,00€
Solvar Rhodium Enamel Shamrock Stud Earrings S3083
  • 19,00€
Solvar Silver Green Claddagh Earrings s33957
  • 39,95€
Solvar Silver Drop Claddagh Earrings s33956
  • 57,95€
Solvar Silver Claddagh Pendant s46360
  • 52,95€
Warrior Large Celtic Earrings with 18K Gold Beads - Boru WE2B
  • 201,60€
Warrior Extra Large Celtic Pendant with 18K Gold Bead - Boru WP5B
  • 228,00€
Solvar Rhodium Crystal Shamrock Stud Earrings S33677
  • 47,95€
Solvar Rhodium Crystal Shamrock Pendant S45994
  • 47,95€
Solvar Rhodium Crystal Celtic Knot Pendant S46150
  • 48,00€
Solvar Rhodium Crystal Celtic Earrings S33782
  • 48,00€
Solvar Gold Plated Blue Medium Round Pendant TG4117BL
  • 33,95€
Solvar Gold Plated Blue Medium Round Earrings TG3117BL
  • 33,95€
Solvar Gold Plated Black Medium Round Pendant TG4117BK
  • 33,95€
Solvar Gold Plated Black Medium Round Earrings TG3117BK
  • 33,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Crystal Spiral Drop Earrings s34115
  • 91,00€
Warrior Swiss Blue Double Earrings WE3T
  • 222,00€
Warrior Silver Swiss Blue Celtic Bangle WB3T
  • 222,00€
Warrior Silver Medium Swiss Blue Celtic Pendant WP2T
  • 120,00€
House of Lor Celtic Pearl Earrings h30039
  • 170,00€
House of Lor Celtic Pearl Pendant
  • 165,00€
House of Lor Danu Pendant h40096
  • 200,00€
House of Lor Danu Drop Earrings h30096
  • 215,00€
House of Lor Celtic Harp Earring
  • 125,00€
House of Lor Harp Stud Earrings h30038
  • 149,00€
House Of Lor Oreon Ring h20944
  • 135,00€
House of Lor Oreon Pendant h40094
  • 239,00€
House of Lor Oreon Stud Earrings h30094
  • 145,00€
House of Lor Silver Gold Heart Necklace h40092
  • 149,00€
House of Lor Round Heart Slider Earring H30093
  • 120,00€
House of Lor Celtic Harp Necklace
  • 115,00€
House of Lor Harp Necklace
  • 139,00€
Shanore 10K Gold Claddagh Pave Set Stud Earrings 10e633
  • 343,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Claddagh Earrings 14E691
  • 529,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Set Claddagh Necklace 14p665
  • 365,00€
Shanore 14k Gold Diamond Set Claddagh Pendant 14p664
  • 664,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Claddagh stud Earrings 14E662
  • 478,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Claddagh Necklace 14p690
  • 612,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond set Shamrock Necklace 14p668
  • 736,00€
Shanore 14k Diamond Celtic Pendant 14p666
  • 1.099,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond set Shamrock Stud Earrings 14E669
  • 606,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Drop Celtic Earrings 14E668
  • 851,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond set Trinity Stud earrings 14E678
  • 768,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Drop Tree of Life Earrings 14E676
  • 552,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Set Trinity Necklace 14p677
  • 1.099,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Set Celtic Stud Earrings 14E667
  • 591,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Trinity Dangle Earrings 14E689
  • 519,00€
Shanore 14K Diamond Tree of Life Pendant 14p674
  • 706,00€