Celtic Crosses

Celtic Crosses

What does the Celtic Cross Mean to You? Do you or your family have Crosses? What does the Celtic Cross mean to you? Is it a personal expression of your faith, or perhaps your Irish heritage? Is it a cherished memento of a trip to Ireland, a reminder of a wonderful holiday here? One thing is for sure, we can find wherever we find people of Irish descent. The Cross is one of the most universally recognised symbols of Ireland. Even to this day, over 200 original historical examples of carved stone Celtic Crosses still exist in Ireland. You can find contemporary graveyard monuments in every county throughout the land. But did you know that the origin and symbolic meaning of the Cross is shrouded in mystery? It is still a subject of great debate, even amongst scholars and researchers today.

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Solvar Connemara Marble St. Brigid's Pendant S44703
  • 67,00€
;Swarovski Crystal Trinity Sterling Silver Irish Cross sw18
  • 183,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Small Apostles Celtic Cross Pendant S46604
  • 81,95€
Solvar Rhodium Marble Celtic Cross Pendant s46629
  • 53,95€
Solvar 14K Gold Diamond & Emerald Large Cross Pendant S46098
  • 2.162,50€
Silver Rose Gold Plated St. Brigid Cross SP2092
  • 90,00€
Gents Large Double Sided Celtic Cross - sp2242
  • 290,00€


Sapphire Diamond Celtic Trinity Claddagh Cross sf33
  • 144,00€
  • 140,00€
Emerald Diamond Celtic Trinity Claddagh Cross sf32
  • 115,20€
House of Lor Gents Celtic Cross h40052
  • 95,00€
Solvar Connemara Marble Sterling Silver Celtic Cross S4348
  • 72,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Connemara Celtic Cross Pendant S46624
  • 76,00€
Silver Celtic knot Design Cross Pendant sp2240
  • 149,00€
Swarovski Crystal Celtic Trinity Knot Cross sw64
  • 120,00€
Shanore Silver Celtic Emerald Diamond Trinity Cross (Medium Size) sf34
  • 134,00€
Double Sided Celtic Sterling Silver Cross sp94
  • 64,00€
Solvar 14k Gold Celtic Trinity Knot Cross Pendant S4648
  • 549,00€
Solvar History of Ireland Celtic Cross S4659
  • 120,00€
Solvar History of Ireland 14K Gold Cross Pendant s4663
  • 950,00€
Solvar Rhodium Plated Pearl Cross Stud Earrings S33315
  • 25,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver St.Brigid Cross Pendant S4974
  • 51,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Connemara Marble Cross Pendant S46173
  • 57,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Oxidised Celtic Cross Pendant S46456
  • 177,50€
Solvar Sterling Silver Oxidised Celtic Cross Pendant S46613
  • 216,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Double Side Oxidised Cross Pendant S44865
  • 110,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Bridget Cross Pendant S44402
  • 38,95€
Boru Filigree Celtic Cross – Medium c5300
  • From 120,00€
Large Celtic Warrior Silver Cross - Boru wc4
  • 226,80€
Solvar 9k Gold Celtic Trinity Knot Cross Pendant S4587
  • 346,00€
Solvar 9k Gold Crystal & Emerald Celtic Cross Pendant S45709
  • 293,50€
Trinity Diamond Emerald Cross SF10
  • 150,00€
Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Cross sf25
  • 99,00€
Shanore Gold Diamond Emerald Celtic Cross 14p679
  • 902,00€
Tara's Diary Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Cross Bead td42
  • 57,00€
Claddagh Sterling Silver CZ Cross Gold Heart sf21
  • 103,00€
Celtic Trinity Knot Diamond Emerald Cross SF28
  • 134,00€
10k Gold Celtic Cross 10p628
  • 149,95€
10k Gold Irish Celtic Cross 10p629
  • 198,00€
House of Lor Ladies Celtic Cross
  • 89,00€
House of Lor Arda Pendant
  • From 89,00€
Solvar 14k Gold St Brigid's Celtic Cross Necklace s4008
  • 395,00€
Solvar 14k Gold Hand Engraved Celtic Cross Pendant S4625
  • 245,00€
Solvar 14k Gold Diamond Emerald Claddagh Celtic Cross Pendant s44515
  • 799,00€
Solvar 14k Gold Diamond & Emerald Celtic Cross Pendant S45620
  • 565,00€
Solvar 14k Gold Celtic Cross Necklace s4048
  • 1.050,00€
Solvar 10K Gold Engraved Celtic Cross S4267
  • 173,00€
Solvar 10k Gold Crystal Celtic Cross Pendant S45724
  • 315,00€
Solvar 10k Gold Celtic High Cross Pendant s44943
  • 235,00€