Shipping to the UK?

Important Information Regarding Import Charges for UK Deliveries

Please note that orders shipped to the United Kingdom with a total value of £135/€156 or more (including shipping cost) will be subject to import taxes and duties in accordance with Brexit regulations.

If your order exceeds the £135 threshold, our international courier partner Royal Mail will notify you of the additional charges prior to delivery. You will be responsible for paying the applicable taxes and duties to Royal Mail upon receiving your goods. For orders with a tax and duty value exceeding £100, Royal Mail will contact you directly to arrange payment before delivering your shipment.

As the recipient of the goods, you are responsible for completing all customs procedures and covering any additional charges associated with the import process. These charges may include import duty, formal customs entry, taxes, levies, and other fees.

If you are ordering products for someone else, it's crucial to inform them that they will be responsible for paying any additional charges. They will receive a separate payment request directly from Royal Mail. Please advise the recipient of this responsibility beforehand. We cannot assist in handling these payments or negotiating the charges.

To avoid any surprises, we recommend checking the applicable import charges for the country of delivery before placing your order.