Solvar Ltd. a family-owned Irish company established in 1941, based in the heart of Dublin. With now over seven decades of tradition and experience in the jewellery business, they have a strong commitment to quality, design & workmanship to the highest standards.

Ireland has also evolved to become recognised as a leader in the design and manufacture of Destination and Heritage Jewellery. Solvar pride themselves on being one of the world leaders in the manufacture of ethnic Irish and Celtic jewellery.

All their Irish themed jewellery draw inspiration from Ireland's rich past and unique icons; the Claddagh, Celtic Cross, Shamrock and intricate Celtic Knotwork. The extensive range incorporates brooches, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, beads and charms.

1095 products found in Solvar

Solvar Connemara Marble Tree Of Life Pendant S46669
  • 86,00€
Sterling Silver Connemara Marble Trinity Knot Ring
  • 79,95€
Solvar 14K Gold Diamond & Emerald Tree Of Life Pendant
  • 895,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Circle Pendant (Available 8th December)
  • 89,95€
Solvar Connemara Marble Silver Shamrock Ring
  • 74,95€
Silver History Of Ireland Ring
  • 120,00€
Silver History Of Ireland Ingot Pendant
  • 120,00€
Solvar Connemara Marble Claddagh Pendant S46626
  • 81,00€
Diamond Tree Of Life Pendant
  • 199,95€
Green Cubic Zirconia Shamrock Ring
  • 69,95€
Gents Silver Celtic Knot Ring
  • 144,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Connemara Marble Trinity Necklace
  • 79,50€
Solvar Mens Celtic Leather Bracelet
  • 49,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Small Apostles Celtic Cross Pendant S46604
  • 81,95€
Sterling Silver Claddagh Pendant
  • 59,95€
Connemara Marble Tara Brooch
  • 49,95€
Solvar 10K Gold & Silver Celtic Knot Ring - Unisex
  • From 145,00€
Solvar Ladies Heavy Claddagh Ring S2271
  • 46,50€
Solvar Sterling Silver Celtic Claddagh Ring S2429
  • 47,50€
Solvar Gents Celtic Silver Band s21073
  • 129,00€
14K Gold Emerald Trinity Knot Earrings
  • 269,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Oxidised Celtic Ingot Pendant
  • 199,95€
Solvar Silver Green Heart Claddagh Ring
  • 59,95€
14K Shamrock Stud Small Earrings
  • 179,95€
Connemara Marble Tree Of Life Necklace
  • 79,95€
Sterling Silver Connemara Marble Trinity Knot Bracelet
  • 139,95€
Sterling Silver Green Cz Shamrock Pendant
  • 110,00€
Solvar Shamrock Circle Necklace S46481
  • 71,95€
Silver Round Trinity Knot Drop Earrings
  • 79,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Claddagh Wishbone Ring s2751
  • 61,95€
Solvar Silver Interlocking Claddagh Trinity Knot Pendant
  • 84,95€
14k Rose White & Yellow Gold Trinity Knot Pendant
  • 329,95€
Solvar 14K Gold Claddagh Emerald Heart Ring s2466
  • 648,00€
History Of Ireland Sterling Silver Round Pendant
  • 120,00€
Silver Connemara Marble Claddagh Weave Ring
  • 59,95€
Silver Claddagh Kiss Ring
  • 74,95€
Solvar Connemara Marble Trinity Knot Hinged Bangle s50089
  • 69,00€
Silver Celtic Woven Ring
  • 49,50€
Gents Oxidised Silver Trinity Knot Ring
  • 139,95€
Connemara Marble Celtic Trinity Knot Ring
  • 69,95€
Connemara Marble St Brigids Pendant
  • 75,00€
Connemara Marble Shield Pendant
  • 49,95€
Ladies Oxidised Claddagh Ring
  • 69,95€
Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Celtic Irish Ring s2428
  • 38,95€
Silver Marcasite Claddagh Ring
  • 45,00€
Solvar April Claddagh Birthstone Ring
  • 59,95€
Solvar Round Marble Celtic Pendant
  • 119,50€
Silver Claddagh Emerald Ring
  • 54,95€