Muckross Weavers

Mucros Weavers are renowned worldwide for their handmade Irish caps and scarves. But did you know that the company is probably one of the earliest social enterprises in modern day Ireland?

All of the profit that is generated from the sale of Mucros products is put back into a special trust that preserves and promotes traditional crafts right here in County Kerry.

The story of the Mucros Weavers is tightly interwoven with Muckross House, part of the Killarney National Park in County Kerry, Ireland. Originally built in 1843, the house was donated to the Irish Nation in 1932 by a prominent American businessman.  The house itself has a fascinating history which spans across the Great Famine to the War of Independence, and we’ll tell you more of that later.

They have 6 looms and a working mill, and the average loom produces just 30 scarves a day at full capacity. Total production is around 180 scarves a day, each one a real limited edition” compared to modern manufacturing techniques!

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