Irish Rings

Irish rings for every occasion including weddings and engagements. Made in Ireland with free worldwide delivery. Styles including celtic, claddagh, trinity knots, History of Ireland birthstone as well as many more. Biggest Irish brands including Boru, Solvar, Fado, Waterford Crystal and House of Lor also. Crafted with fine Sterling Silver, Gold and White Gold your sure to find the perfect one All Jewelry hallmarked in Dublin Castle. A unique and truly memorable gift to surprise a special someone or a treasure for yourself to keep forever. Free worldwide delivery from The Skellig Gift Store, Ireland on all orders.

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Solvar Silver Ladies Claddagh Ring s2829
  • 62,50€
Solvar Ladies Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring s2279
  • 29,95€
Solvar Ladies Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring S2280
  • 34,00€
Sterling Silver Woven Claddagh Ring s2550
  • 34,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Heavy Maids Claddagh Ring S2543
  • 39,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Maids Claddagh Ring S2280
  • 39,95€
Solvar Ladies Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring S2216
  • 39,95€
Sterling Silver Woven Claddagh Ring Solvar s2865
  • 43,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Claddagh Emerald Ring S2594
  • 44,95€
Solvar Irish Made Gents Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring S2218
  • 47,95€
Sterling Silver Wishbone Claddagh Ring s2595
  • 48,00€
Solvar August Peridot Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106208
  • 49,95€
Solvar Sapphire September Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106209
  • 49,95€
Solvar November Citrine Claddagh Birthstone Ring s21062011
  • 49,95€
Solvar April Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106204
  • 50,00€
Solvar January Garnet Birthstone Claddagh Ring s2106201
  • 51,95€
Solvar February Amethyst Birthstone Claddagh Ring s2106202
  • 51,95€
Solvar March Aquamarine Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106203
  • 51,95€
Solvar May Emerald Claddagh Birthstone Ring
  • 51,95€
Solvar June Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106206
  • 51,95€
Solvar July Ruby Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106207
  • 51,95€
Solvar October Pink Topaz Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106210
  • 51,95€
Solvar December Blue Topaz Claddagh Birthstone Ring s21062012
  • 51,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Crystal Heart Claddagh Ring S2941
  • 52,95€
Solvar Silver Moving Gold Heart Claddagh Ring S21106
  • 52,95€
Solvar Connemara Marble Silver Claddagh Ring s2887
  • 57,50€
Solvar Cubic Zirconia Claddagh Ring S21017
  • 59,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Cluster Claddagh S2727
  • 60,00€
Solvar Silver Claddagh Kiss Ring s21063
  • 65,50€
Solvar Gents Sterling Silver Ring Band s2649
  • 91,00€
Solvar Silver Oxidised Gents Trinity Knot Ring s21012
  • 120,00€
Solvar 10K Mini Claddagh Ring S2987
  • 187,50€
Solvar Maids 9k Gold Claddagh Ring s2454
  • 197,00€
Solvar 10K Hallow Back Maids Claddagh Ring S2988
  • 225,00€
Solvar Silver & 10K Gold Ladies Diamond Band S2932
  • 240,00€
Solvar 10K Maids Claddagh Ring S2525
  • 260,00€
Solvar 10K Ladies Claddagh Ring S2526
  • 290,00€
Solvar 9k Gold Crystal Claddagh Ring s2368
  • 293,00€
Solvar 9Ct Cz/Green Agate Claddagh Ring S2298
  • 293,00€
Solvar 14K White Gold Mini Claddagh Ring S2721
  • 307,00€
Solvar Ladies 10k Gold Green Agate Claddagh Ring s2523
  • 330,00€
Solvar 10K Gold Emerald Claddagh Ring S2518
  • 330,00€
Solvar 14K Hallow Back Maids Claddagh Ring s2455
  • 336,00€
Solvar Ladies Silver & Gold Claddagh Ring s21007
  • 360,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring s2903
  • 360,00€
Solvar 10k Gold 8 Stone Emerald Cz Claddagh Eternity Ring S2513
  • 360,00€
Solvar 9Ct Diamond Claddagh Cross Over Ring S2650
  • 371,00€
Solvar 14K Green Claddagh Ring s2381
  • 380,00€