Claddagh Rings

Claddagh Rings Do you wear a Claddagh ? Or do you always buy them as gifts for your loved ones? All around the world, people seem to love The Claddagh Ring. It is one of Ireland’s most recognisable symbols, and a uniquely Irish expression of love. Our heritage determines how we receive a Claddagh, but our hearts determine how we wear it. Free Worldwide delivery direct from The Skellig Gift Store, Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way . Want to know more? Check out out blog to learn the history of Ireland’s Cladagh Ring and let us know what you think.

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Solvar Connemara Marble Silver Claddagh Ring s2887
  • 57,50€
Solvar Silver Claddagh Kiss Ring s21063
  • 65,50€
Contemporary Ladies Claddagh Ring - Boru bclad101
  • From 102,00€
Waterford Crystal Sterling Silver Claddagh WR219
  • 69,95€
Shanore Claddagh Friendship Claddagh Ring sl1
  • 73,00€
Sterling Silver Wishbone Claddagh Ring s2595
  • 48,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Claddagh Emerald Ring S2594
  • 44,95€
Solvar Silver Ladies Claddagh Ring s2829
  • 62,50€
Solvar Claddagh Kiss Ring Sterling Silver Made in Ireland s2750
  • 38,95€
House of Lor Iconic Gold Heart Claddagh Ring h20008
  • 115,00€
Solvar Ladies Heavy Claddagh Ring S2271
  • 46,50€
Solvar Sterling Silver Marcasite Claddagh Ring s2448
  • 38,95€


Sterling Silver Claddagh Celtic Band
  • 44,95€
  • 29,95€
Solvar February Amethyst Birthstone Claddagh Ring s2106202
  • 51,95€
Solvar April Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106204
  • 50,00€
Solvar Sterling Silver Celtic Claddagh Ring S2429
  • 43,95€


Sterling Silver Maids Claddagh Ring
  • 44,95€
  • 24,95€


Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring
  • 41,95€
  • 19,95€
Shanore Sterling Silver January Birthstone Claddagh Ring
  • 59,95€
Shanore Sterling Silver Ladies Claddagh Ring sl92
  • 100,00€
Solvar October Pink Topaz Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106210
  • 51,95€
Solvar May Emerald Claddagh Birthstone Ring
  • 51,95€
Solvar January Garnet Birthstone Claddagh Ring s2106201
  • 51,95€
Solvar Silver Gents Celtic Claddagh Ring S21070
  • 139,95€
Solvar Gents Sterling Silver Oxidised Claddagh Ring S2828
  • 91,00€
Solvar Silver Green Heart Claddagh Ring s21079
  • 52,95€
Solvar Irish Made Gents Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring S2218
  • 47,95€
Sterling Silver Woven Claddagh Ring Solvar s2865
  • 43,95€
Solvar 14K Narrow Claddagh Wedding Band S2305
  • 625,00€
Shanore Claddagh Sapphire & Diamond Ring 14l82s
  • 1.254,00€
Shanore 14K White Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring br6w
  • 1.327,00€
Ladies 14k White Gold Diamond Celtic Claddagh Band 14IC1W
  • 1.262,00€
Claddagh Wide Band 10k Rose Gold Heart rs00929
  • 121,00€
Solvar 14K Gold Claddagh Emerald Heart Ring s2466
  • 648,00€
Sterling Silver December Birthstone Claddagh Ring
  • 59,95€
Shanore Sterling Silver June Birthstone Claddagh Ring
  • 59,95€
Shanore Sterling Silver February Birthstone Claddagh Ring
  • 59,95€
Claddagh Sterling Silver Ring 10K Gold Heart sl96
  • 197,00€
Solvar March Aquamarine Claddagh Birthstone Ring s2106203
  • 51,95€
Solvar Maids 9k Gold Claddagh Ring s2454
  • 197,00€
Solvar Ladies Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring s2279
  • 29,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Claddagh Wishbone Ring s2751
  • 52,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Gents Claddagh Ring s2272
  • 62,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Heavy Maids Claddagh Ring S2543
  • 39,95€
Solvar Ladies Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring S2280
  • 34,00€
Emerald Set Claddagh Ring - Boru clad3me
  • From 510,00€
Sterling Silver Woven Claddagh Ring s2550
  • 34,95€
Rose Gold 10k Claddagh Ring
  • 370,00€