Dublin-born potter, Colm De Rís has been creating and selling beautiful stoneware pottery for almost 25 years.

The sweeping shapes and cold colours of Colm’s designs are born out of the wild coastal landscape of the south and west of Ireland. Colm’s work is also influenced by the legends and symbols of Celtic and old Irish mythology and by the history of the practical needs of people for functional and beautiful objects.

14 products found in Colm De Ris

Colm De Ris Large Jug
  • 118,00€

Colm De Ris Utensil Holder
  • 120,00€

Colm De Ris Rectangle Plate
  • 90,00€

Colm De Ris Goblet
  • 54,00€

Colm De Ris Small Vase
  • 45,00€

Colm De Ris Medium Vase
  • 48,00€

Colm De Ris Mini Irish Platter
  • 120,00€

Colm De Ris Medium Oriental Bowl
  • 96,00€

Colm De Ris Bon Bon Dish
  • 57,00€

Colm De Ris Salad Bowl
  • 120,00€

Colm De Ris Cereal Bowl
  • 48,00€

Colm De Ris Spiral Coffee Mug
  • 39,00€

Colm De Ris Small Jug
  • 52,00€

Colm De Ris Soup Toureen
  • 51,00€