This is who we are

It is often said that “we are where we come from…” and this is definitely true for the Skellig Gift Store.

50 years ago this year, 2016 armed with my Grandmothers knowledge, experience and encouragement my parents Noreen & Alf followed in her footsteps and laid the foundations for what is to-day the Skellig Gift Store.

It was originally called the Waterville Craft Market after a group of Craft Workers from the Skellig Region came together to present their products exclusively in one place. This is now complemented by work from neighbouring counties, which is simply the best of Irish Craft and design. We still place special emphasis on Kerry Crafts and currently 50% of our suppliers are of Kerry origin. It is our intention to maintain this tradition into the future.

The store is still here in Waterville. If you can, please do come and visit. We have a long established reputation as a destination store for visitors to Kerry. Check out our blog as we start the process of transforming the store with our new branding.

“A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he's just as good as everybody else.”

John B Keane, Irish Playwright, Essayist from Listowel, County Kerry


We are a family run business with a love for Kerry in particular and Ireland in general. We’ve been meeting visitors to Kerry for generations. This site is our way to visit with you where you live. Let’s get to know each other.

Alan Foster

Managing Director & Website Management

Alf Foster

Archaeology, Customer Liaison & Shipping

Bridget (kiko) Foster

Manager of our 3 Kerry retail stores — PhotographerDeveloper


We’ll Bring you the Best of Kerry and of Ireland. Not just in our Gifts but in the stories we can share with each other and celebrate who we are.

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