Lee River Leather Company

Lee River Leather Goods

was founded in 1985, but as far back as 1969 we were crafting belts, bags and moccasins in London’s Kensington Market.These days we’re based in our home town of Cork, with our factory located in Donnybrook in a mill dating back to 1874, when it originally produces ropes and sails for the tall ships traversing the Atlantic ocean.
We like to make products that we ourselves would like to possess, things of beauty and durability. We work with quality materials that get better with age, like our veg-tanned leathers that gain personality the more life throws at them. We make one-off belts for individuals, classy or cool, retro or rebel. We do things our way, the old way, and the best way. We have been crafting leather products for some time, and our belts and wallets have traveled the world, and are still going 25 years later.

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