About Foxford Woolen Mills

Foxford was founded by an Irish Sister of Charity in 1892. The mills was founded on the river Moy, in the town of Foxford, Co. Mayo. The early years of the company were a struggle but the faith of the sisters and the diligence of the local people won out, and by the turn of the century, the mill had begun to thrive.With the sisters worked alongside the locals - the mill was a success.
However disaster struck in 1908 - The mill was burnt to the ground. Nothing but a shell of the building remained.Again in 1987, after being built back up, more tragedy strikes as Foxford went into receivership following a major decline in Irelands textile industry. With livelihoods in jeprody, local business people came together once again to save the mill. With a recent investment of one million euro, a new lease of life has been given to woollen mill.
Today it is a thriving mill once again with master craftspeople creating beautiful pieces in Foxford.

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