Celtic Jewelry

Are you fascinated by the intricacy and detail of Celtic Jewelry & design? Have you noticed its influence in Game of Thrones? What about the atmospheric landscapes of games like Skyrim, or The Witcher III? Many of us feel an affinity to Celtic design, and to the skilful craftsmanship of our Irish ancestors.

Even today, we can see its influence in art, jewellery, fashion design, movies as well as games. The celtic design includes interwoven knotwork, spirals and also scrolls. We see stylised images of humans, animals as well as mythical creatures. Celtic designs of the past still today inspire modern jewellery designers. Worldwide delivery from Ireland.

387 products found in Celtic Jewelry

Irish Dancing Silver Charm Bracelet
  • 239,95€
10K Diamond Oval Celtic Drop Earrings
  • 795,00€
Mother of Pearl Arian Trinity Swirl Pendant - BP70P-SIL
  • 155,94€
Mother of Pearl Arian Trinity Swirl Earrings - BE70P-SIL
  • 119,94€
Mother of Pearl Arian Celtic Knot Earrings - BE73P-SIL
  • 119,94€
Mother of Pearl Arian Twisted Trinity Necklace - BP72P-SIL
  • 119,94€
Mother of Pearl Arian Large Twisted Trinity Necklace - BP72P-L-SIL
  • 155,94€
Mother of Pearl Arian Large Celtic Knot Pendant – BP73P-L-SIL
  • 155,94€
Solstice Celtic Knot Pendant with 18K Gold Bead
  • 179,95€
Solstice Twisted Trinity Pendant with 18K Gold Bead
  • 149,95€
Solvar 10k Gold Emerald Trinity Ring S2631
  • 470,00€
Silver Cubic Zirconia Trinity Knot Round Drop Earrings
  • 69,95€
Silver Trinity Knot Tassel Drop Earrings
  • 92,50€
14K Gold Diamond Claddagh Circle Bracelet
  • 599,95€
Solvar 14K Diamond & Emerald Claddagh Pendant S46040
  • 649,00€
Solvar 10K Gold Emerald Round Four Trinity Pendant
  • 649,95€
Solvar 10K Gold Diamond Swirl Pendant S46513
  • 629,00€
10K Gold Diamond Illusion Trinity Knot Pendant
  • 543,00€
Solvar 10K Gold Diamond Claddagh Pendant S46507
  • 567,00€
Solvar 10K Gold Diamond Claddagh Circle Pendant S46503
  • 769,00€
Solvar 10K Gold Diamond & Emerald Trinity Knot Pendant S46519
  • 566,00€
10K Gold Diamond & Emerald Shamrock Pendant
  • 559,95€
Solvar 10K Gold Diamond & Emerald Claddagh Pendant S46047
  • 399,95€
Men's 10K Gold & Silver Oxidised Celtic Ingot Pendant
  • 575,00€
Sterling Silver And 10K Gold Claddagh Pendant
  • 99,95€
Solvar Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Pendant S44751
  • 99,95€
Solvar 14k Diamond Swirl Pendant S46427
  • 799,00€
Solvar 14K Diamond Claddagh Circle Necklet S46434
  • 619,00€
14K White Gold Maids Claddagh Ring
  • 432,00€
Solvar 10K Gold Mini Claddagh Ring
  • 210,00€
Solvar 10K Maids Claddagh Ring S2525
  • 260,00€
Solvar 10K Hallow Back Maids Claddagh Ring S2988
  • 225,00€
Solvar 10K Ladies Claddagh Ring S2526
  • 290,00€
Solvar 10K Hollow Back Ladies Claddagh Ring S2989
  • 523,00€
Solvar 10K Gold Emerald Claddagh Ring S2518
  • 330,00€
Solvar 10K Hallow Back Gents Claddagh Ring S2990
  • 711,00€
10K Gold Gents Claddagh Ring
  • 550,00€
Solvar 10k Gold 8 Stone Emerald Cz Claddagh Eternity Ring S2513
  • 360,00€
Solvar Silver Gents Celtic Claddagh Ring S21070
  • 139,95€
Solvar 14K Diamond Claddagh Ring S21023
  • 1.614,00€
Solvar 14K Diamond Claddagh Ring S21021
  • 795,00€
Solvar 14K Diamond Claddagh Ring S21018
  • 1.484,00€
Solvar 14K Diamond Claddagh Band S2986
  • 2.403,00€
Sterling Silver Rose Gold Trinity Shamrock Ring
  • 130,00€
Solvar 14k Diamond Claddagh Ring s21096
  • 2.237,50€
Solvar 14K Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Ring S21095
  • 4.326,00€
Sterling Silver Diamond Shamrock Trinity Ring rs01009
  • 149,00€
Sterling Silver Shamrock Trinity Ring rs00006
  • 49,95€