John Hanly Wollen Mills

John Hanly Wollen Mills is steeped in tradition and guarantees that above all the products produced are of excellent craftsmanship, outstanding quality and are timeless in their beauty.

The History

Established in Ireland in 1893. The mill specialises in the manufacture of scarves, throws and fabrics in wool, cashmere, lambswool, mohair and natural fibres.

The company has always been under the management of the Hanly family since its founding. Currently Brian Hanly is now the fourth Managing Director. You can find the company in Ballyartella Woollen Mills, which is approximately five kilometres from the quant little town Nenagh in County Tipperary.

Before the company moved their operations to Ballyartella, Denis Hanly and his son John operated a number of hand looms in South County Tipperary, approximately 65 kilometres from Nenagh. In 1893 they moved their machinery to Ballyartella in the North of the county where they are still located. They took over a vacant mill beside the Nenagh River and a large wheel provided the power necessary to operate the machinery.

Over the years, the business expanded to both spinning and carding. The main products being flannels and blankets. At the time, all products were sold within Ireland and the UK under the guidance of the founder’s son, John Hanly who later became a Managing Director.

The business continued in this way for many years. Local farmers brought their fleeces to the mill for purchase. Spinning, carding and weaving then took place within the six storey mill.

With an impressive 12 and counting years in the textile business. The mill has developed the art of weaving using modern technology and machinery. John Hanley & Co. now manufacture fabrics and accessories for top brands, designers and quality retailers around the world.

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